Hi, my name is Sandra and my passion is to inspire people to take charge of their health and wellbeing through education, wellness treatments and optimum nutrition.

In my 20s I didn’t really know the importance of good nutrition and self care. My body would give me little nudges and warning signs to let me know that it wasn’t happy filling up on junk food and alcohol. I thought it was normal to have regular low energy, anxiety, bloating, cold sores, break out skin, regular flu’s which lead to chest infections and even pneumonia.

After being diagnosed with an overactive thyroid while I was living in London, I went on a journey to find a way to heal myself naturally. It was a though pill to swallow when my doctor told me that I’d have to take medication, probably for the rest of my life and at the time try not to conceive, as I would lose the baby. I had to make some serious changes. With the help of herbal medicine, good nutrition, exercise, meditation and my husband’s support I was able to get my thyroid back to normal range within a few months.

Five years on I have a healthy baby boy (Max) and I’m back in my home town of Dublin to hopefully share with you my knowledge how to feel healthier, happier and glow from the inside out.

Let food be thy medicineHippocrates